We will be networking with Schools for the Deaf, Hearing Support Units, Peripatetic Services, SEN (Special Educational Needs) Schools, Units and Clubs etc. throughout the UK and Internationally which provide facilities for children, young people and adults with deafness and other disabilities including aphasia, autism, deafblindness, dyslexia and dyspraxia. From the outset GOALS4LIFE wants to be “INCLUSIVE” and readily accessible to all, irrespective of any degree of disability, especially sensory impairment.

GOALS4LIFE is shared with other Educational Enterprises: Deafax, SpecialKidz, SpecialKidz International, Ability2Access, Deaf Sports & Football Foundation, Decibels, Deaf Aspirations, Deaf Aspirations International and EASiTEC.

These Educational Enterprises focus on distance communication/learning activities via different forms of online Video Conferencing for children with deafness and those with speech, language and communication disabilities, their parents and teachers. They will be able to communicate locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

You can read more about GOALS4LIFE on the GOALS4LIFE Website.