Mentoring is a highly valuable development activity which Deaf Aspirations-Friends for Deaf Aspirants – wants to implement as part of its work in the areas of entrepreneurship and business. It wants the Friends and Mentors to guide the deaf aspirants towards ‘the answer’ that is right for them. The friendship and mentoring relationship can be both short and long term. It may develop to focus on a particular issue or it may be one that lasts for years covering a range of issues but trying to focus on being entrepreneurial.

Personal Empowerment Coaching is in the business of change! If you are not happy in your job or being unemployed, and are thinking about a change in your state of fitness or improving your career, Deaf Aspirations-Friends for Deaf Aspirants – has through its team, the tools and skills to assist in that change. We have a number of deaf friends, mentors and coaches who have been recognised in being awarded MBE’s for their services to others.

Friends for Deaf Aspirants wants to provide one-on-one, face-to-face mentoring, coaching, workshops, guest speakers and ongoing training that will transform the lives of those with whom we wish to work. Whether it is on a personal or professional level, it is our intention to provide training which identifies problems and creates solutions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Friends for Deaf Aspirants offers individual Consulting to help you get the best business value from communications technology investments. We use consultants to work with you to understand your business objectives. Based on insights gained, we provide recommendations, planning, and design services to help you use communication technology to your advantage, to contain costs and make your business to stand out.

It is Friends for Deaf Aspirants’ intention to help take a business concept and see it through to a successful outcome. We have an extensive Network which enables us to introduce you to the right contacts in your chosen field, and together FDA will watch your business flourish. We will help you promote your business by offering website developments and all that it entails, including apps. We have media consultants who will work with you to create Marketing pieces to use with the websites and Apps we develop.