Deaf Aspirations, Specialkidz, Decibels & the Aspire Foundation (Barbados), through Ken Carter and Peter Boos who have known each other through their Oratory School (England) connection for over 53 years, are planning to develop partnership projects between their respective organisations for supporting children, young people & adults who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, deaf/blind, autistic or have other disadvantages and disabilities.

ASPIRE Foundation – the Corner Stone of the Barbados Third Sector ASPIRE want to become a global hub of excellence for philanthropy and social change. They are, a local non-profit organisation which is dedicated to ‘helping charities help’, and was established in early 2015 to meet this need. The quality standards model is currently being developed with an expert collective of business professionals/volunteers, entrepreneurs and local/international charity workers. They aspire to be the first choice support resource for charities – helping them to become more financially viable via access to expert operational support, wider philanthropic networks and the latest ideas/developments in the global third sector. This is crucial, not only for generating more profits and therefore more donations for their respective causes, but fundamental to staying afloat as a charity. The biggest challenge for any charity is sustainability.

By 2020, Aspire aim to be a global hub of excellence for philanthropy and social change, in order to help secure a stable future for the generations of today and tomorrow. Failure to act now will surely see their quality of life diminish. An expert collective (of business professionals/volunteers, entrepreneurs and local/international charity workers) is working with them to develop ASPIRE’s programming. Based on their research and experience in Barbados and internationally, ASPIRE intends help local charities and non-profits become sustainable, successfully attract funding and other support that will make an even greater impact on their communities. When working collaboratively with Deaf Aspirations ,Specialkidz, Decibels, Philanthropists, Government Agencies, Private Corporations, Individuals and NGOs can have a huge impact on human development in Barbados. Under Peter Boos’ leadership they want to demonstrate their commitment to social development projects by sharing their many resources in a strategic, collaborative and effective manner. The contribution of foreign investors and partners are recognised with much gratitude and they want to respond creatively to the challenges they face in Barbados.

Click here to see ASPIRE’s prospectus, here to learn more about ASPIRE, or visit ASPIRE’s website here.